Top 5 Lessons I learned in 2020 (As an Entrepreneur, Branding Specialist, and Digital Marketer!)

You know the gut-wrenching feeling when you realize that you ended another year without making much progress? Yeah, that one. That’s how I felt right before I started with the year 2020. Because of that, I was determined not to let another year pass with me being stagnant with my growth… Especially since I was turning 25 by 2021 and I wanted to make sure I reach my goals by then.

Now as we close the year, I’m proud to say that I’m more than happy with my growth this year despite the pandemic that has happened. We might have been in lockdown for the past 9 months (in the Philippines, at least) but that didn’t mean it was the end of the world for all my goals too.

If you’re ready to make 2021 work for you as it did with mine, then this blog post is for you. Today, I’m going to share with you what I learned in 2020 as an online entrepreneur, branding specialist, and digital marketer, so you too, can reverse engineer my steps and make 2021 hella amazing.

1. Your Indecision will COST you.

More than anything in the world, this one little thing might be the reason why you haven’t been growing yet. I know that because I’ve been there too. It might be scary to think that focusing on a single niche will make you lose on using all your talents & skills but in the end, it is exactly what will make you unable to move forward as well.

Now here’s a fair warning, you might get frustrated that you still can’t find clarity when you’ve decided already but learn to treat each round as a space for growth. I started this year dedicated to fully focus on Social Media Marketing, veered into specializing in Video Marketing, then into Branding Design. When finally, I discovered that my path lies through all of these, mixing and creating a proprietary process of my own – The Victory Video Branding Method.

2. Work on your systems & processes (Save time & money!)

Find a system that works for you and document that. The more that you’re able to create a system around what you’re doing, it will be easier to tweak and add according to the data that’s given to you by the different digital marketing platforms that you’re using.

For this year, I am thankful for the apps that have helped me streamline my processes such as Airtable, ClickUp, and Notion. Everything was way more centralized and organized in comparison to when I had it all simply on Google Sheets or Excel Sheets. Don’t get me wrong, all the Google Apps are great but if you want better and more efficient tools to use, then check out the ones I’ve mentioned.

Moving forward, it will also be easier for you to delegate the routinary tasks in your business which we talk about in the next point.

3. Delegate and watch your business grow (without you stressing the hell out!)

The only way for you to be able to breathe while your business is growing is to delegate. It will be scary when you’re not sure if the person you’ll delegate to will live up to your standards. But as leaders, we help people grow. If they’re not up to your standards, think again. There might be something that you’re lacking too. May it be in communicating, giving them processes that would work for them or .

If you’ve done all that and it’s still not working, then maybe it’s time to make sure that the people who are working with you have the same values that you have. After all, skills can be learned, a person with values the same as yours can only be found.

4. Video is here to stay, but competition is even tougher.

Video is still the best way that you can market your business but as the pandemic has made literally EVERYONE transition to the digital world, it’s harder to get the attention of people. This is why being different is your key to getting their attention. Think about how your show is different, how premium you can make your videos feel, and how much value can you give. Remember, your audience chose to watch you in that time, make it worth it, make them stay, make them see how much more you can give to them.

5. Your only key to Standing Out is YOU.

Let’s face it. There’s hundreds of coaches and course creators out there. The probability of you having the same offer as somebody is high. But what would make you stand out and make a prospect pick you as their coach? YOU.

The only way that they’ll know you’re the perfect match for them is when they discover who you are through your stories. Share your origin story, your wins, your behind the scenes, your why, and your advocacy. Somewhere along the way, more and more people will see you and support you for who you are.

And that’s the best thing that could happen as a leader. To help people from the very roots of who we truly are.

2020 has given me so much to thank for and to bring as we move forward to a new year. Hopefully, these lessons that I learned can help you too in moving even faster than I have towards your goals.

In the comments below, I’d love to know What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from 2020?

Maybe others can learn from what you have learned and apply it to their lives and businesses as well.

Thank you in advance for being passionate, and loving in the comments.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you share this week!

Again, this is Dyanne dedicated to helping you live a life and business that you love and is rooted to who you truly are.


Dyanne Pauline

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