Have you ever had that itch to go back to a hobby you used to do?

Yea, I hear you.

That’s why I thought, why not go back to the basics?

Way back in 2014, I first dipped in to the world of personal blogging. I wasn’t sure what got me there but I just loved writing and creating content so much.

But there was one thing that made me stand out,

I didn’t want to blog simply for myself.

I wanted to blog my journey so I can inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

At that time, I was so scared about people’s judgements but I knew I was following my truth

And I was ready to prove it.

Fast track to 2020, I am now happy to be where I’m meant to be

But I must admit that I’m still growing everyday as well!

With that, I decided, Why not go back to my most favorite part of creating content?

Sharing my journey.

So today, I’m going to give a kick start on my monthly highlights series so I can not only keep myself accountable

But also, hopefully..

Inspire you to start your own journey to your best self.

Website Launch

First comes first, my website launch! Honestly, this has been 6 years in the making. I’ve been designing, redesigning my website for soooo long that it feels like forever already!

That’s why when I finally gained clarity on where I want to be & who I want to be, I couldn’t remove the feeling that it’s time to launch it already. It wasn’t the grand launch yet that we usually do with clients because I wanted it to be out already. Most especially because I wanted to go back to my hobby in personal blogging which has not only made me organize my thoughts but also document and appreciate my process every step of the way. Aside from that, with everything going on – COVID-19 most especially, it’s a way for me to take care of my mental health.

Youtube Channel Launch

Since last year, I knew that I was going to focus more on video. Though I wasn’t clear yet on all the other details, I was keen on starting my own Youtube Channel to not only showcase our work and create another income stream, but also to give more value to the world through this avenue… especially since it’s also a good way to practice my public speaking skills!

Finally, I had the courage to JUST DO IT. “I’ve already launched my website last week, I can’t lose my momentum,” I thought. Imagine if I didn’t do so, I’ll probably still be crippled by my fear and wouldn’t achieve getting to the #1 Youtube Search Results with just two videos! Crazy, right?

Game-changing Entrepreneur’s Launch

This part was a surprise to me. You see, I enrolled in the Branding Mastery Is Wealth (BMW) program way back in July 2020 and this was our finals. It was to create a pop-up FB Live segment that would be composed of 3 FB lives on 3 consecutive days. I called mine, “Game-changing Entrepreneurs’ Insights” because I wanted to show people that you CAN live a life of purpose and create a change in the world while enjoying the game of life with time, location, and financial freedom.​

I was honestly stressed as soon as it was announced and I was getting my “stress uncontrolled jerks” because of it especially since it came at a time where I have a client launch facilitating too. Add in the fact that I was scared shit of going on Facebook lives!! That’s why, despite the stress, I am thankful for this challenge. I grew a lot from it that it even felt like I was back in college. Haha! Thanks to the unity & support that me and my group (Faith Dioses and Miguel Galinato) had, we were able to push through with our BMW finals. By the second day of live, I wasn’t even nervous anymore! Haha! All that stress was hella worth it.

Here’s the link to my pilot episodes:

Gaining Clarity on Who You Are and Your Uniqueness: Migs’ Personal Growth Journey

Creating a Life of Financial Freedom: How Faith overcame her money beliefs to grow as a Millennial Entrepreneur

Dyanne’s Untold Story: From Shy and Unseen to an Alpha Woman Designing a Life She Loves

Now, I’ve decided to continue this segment as a thank you for supporting me during the lives. So watch out for the next episodes!

Officially a Toastmaster

My public speaking dreams were crushed when I was told I was shaking when I was performing for our class back in grade 5 – hopefully to be able to represent our class for the batch contest. After that, as much as I kept on trying to get into debate clubs, I just wasn’t accepted and I eventually lost the motivation to even pursue it. Not until recently – last May 2020, when I’ve decided I won’t let anything hold me back anymore.

This is why when the opportunity came up for me to be able to join the Toastmasters, I was more than ready to finally hone this skill of mine. I have loved the mic since I was one year old. Although I’ve long accepted that my singing voice isn’t up to the level of world-class singers, I knew that public speaking was something different when people started telling me they’re moved by my speech, wanting to take action, or inspired to create a change in their lives. That’s why here I am, so excited to continue growing.

Oh, and I was miraculously voted as the Treasurer to which I’m so grateful for my fellow club members’ trust. Though I don’t know much the people in the group, I know that the reason for their trust is because of how I’ve been building my personal brand. So you see, you CAN stand out in a sea of people you barely know but be trusted if you’ve got a solid personal brand in place.

HIFI Elite Member… again!

Part of the growth I’ve seen in myself is putting myself in different communities. The High Value and Financially Independent Women Network is one of those. As a person who have always been proud of being a woman and want to continue helping other women change the world’s perspective on us, it was only right for me to want to join this community.

I learned even more with this group as we had our goal setting sessions, podcast hostings, and met with amazing women entrepreneurs who are making waves in their own ways. This is why no-brainer for me to renew my membership as an Elite Queen. If I want to continue growing as an individual, investing on myself is a must. Most especially since your business can only grow as much as you are also growing. Our businesses are after all, our own babies who need our love, knowledge, and wisdom to grow.

Transformation to an Entrepreneurial Mindset

This is probably the most amazing transformation I’ve had yet this month, aside from taking action – Investing on the tools we need for my business! I’ve always invested in memberships and courses but this is the first time I’ve finally opened up to investing in necessary tools. Not only has it made life easier for me and my team, it has actually made us more efficient with our time and work.

This month alone, I’ve invested on Tubebuddy, Canva Pro, Envato Elements, Loom, and Xsplit Vcam. Creating Content has never been more like a breeze especially with Tubebuddy and Canva Pro. But to be honest, it took me months to get here. Yes, I invest on my team, memberships, and courses, but that’s all that my mind has limited me to do because of all the money limiting beliefs I’ve had. But now, thanks to Coach Sara’s session with us, I’ve gained more clarity in letting go of these limiting beliefs and let abundance flow in my life – making my services more premium as well for my clients, as they do deserve.

And that’s it! November was such a big breakthrough for me and I know I can only move forward from here. I’m thankful for my journey and I hope that somehow, with what I’ve shared, you will also find the courage to finally make your dreams happen. Because believe me, IT CAN HAPPEN.

In the comments below, I’d love you to share with us What’s your November Highlights?

Let’s practice the value of gratitude and appreciate the progress we’ve made no matter how small it is so we can create abundance in our lives.

Thank you in advance for being passionate, and loving in the comments.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you share this week!

Again, this is Dyanne dedicated to helping you live a life and business that you love and is rooted to who you truly are.


Dyanne Pauline

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