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A Filipina online business manager, launch manager, content creator, speaker, & mentor. On a mission to help WOC & BIPOC build a life & business that they love without burning themselves out. I know we deserve to be a part of the “global industry” and that’s what I aim for. To see more of US out there. Not just for the limelight but because we’re making as much impact in other people’s lives just as anyone else.

We deserve to be represented. We deserve to be out there. 

Without spreading ourselves too thin, of course.

My life & business hasn’t always been this way:
working from anywhere, working anytime, and prioritizing myself & my health.

In fact, I used to go into a continuous loop of working myself up to the hospital bed or a mental breakdown, and then, resting a bit, before jumping back to the hamster wheel of working & knocking myself out.

That is until I reached the age of 25 when I got diagnosed with a seizure disorder, had my biggest burnout, & struggled severely with my mental health.
Thankfully, I had the most amazing support system and guidance from up above! They all led to my healing and for me to finally take a 3 day long weekend NOT do anything. It was honestly weird at first but that paved the way for me to start prioritizing my own self & what I want in life again. 
The fruit of that weekend? My decision to finally move forward with what I really wanted to do during the past 4 years in business working with coaches & course creators – Project Management & Leadership. I found all of those and more as I learned more about the Online Business Management role where you can now find me finally thriving in my zone of genius.

If I think about it though, I should’ve known that the little girl who would sneakily go to her father’s book section to read personal development & leadership books up until the wee hours of the night would someday become an online business manager, leader & entrepreneur…


I’m probably drinking a cup of coffee (or tea!) while planning, managing, or leading the next big projects that I’m obsessed with.

Simply because they’re in alignment with what I want to also spread around the world. Most often than not, that’s probably about women empowerment, diversity, & social justice!

Either that, or I’m off planning my next trip! Hopefully, soon it’ll turn into more travels as the world is opening up again. (Yay for that!)

Since my first blog, I’ve always wanted to inspire people to unleash their limitless potential & possibilities by diving in on this life adventure with me!



Start of leadership journey. Attended several leadership trainings & classes geared towards holistic & transformative leadership


Co-organized & planned outreach programs for young children & places affected by sever typhoons in the Philippines


Started writing blogs, designing websites, & creating graphics. Changed degree from architecture to multimedia arts to pursue my fullest potential.


Served as the secretary of the SMVA college student council, organizing organizational systems, coordinating with stakeholders


Led several events & projects to completion as the president of the SMVA college student council along with 15+ people in the team. Biggest event was on raising the flag for Filipino artists in our community


Organized events as part of the Mapua University Student Council. Researched & worked on my thesis focused on adapting the Filipino culture into modern society through digital means


Completed Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Arts & Sciences specializing on Graphic Design. Started working on the Digital Marketing field with coaches & course creators. Also the birth of my business!


Honed in on digital marketing & business development skills with clients including, social media marketing, website creation, funnels, email marketing, copywriting, etc.


Led 15+ freelancers in a mastermind group. This team was recognized as the most active team within the 2000+ members of the community. Named Top 2 Certified Personal Branding Specialist.


Rank 1 on Youtube Search Results within 24 hours both for our own & our clients' Youtube Channels. This led to increased traffic for clients with having email subscribers coming in day & night. Also managed course launches & teams and finally added Online Business Management as a service


Growing, running and organizing projects, teams & launches for WOC & BIPOC coaches & course creators. Guest speaker at CLSU Junior Marketing Association. Taking baby steps into my dream digital nomad life. Story ongoing!


(Aside from red wine, the beach, and my little white cat)



Leadership starts from within

We believe that to lead others, one must learn to lead themselves. This includes learning to love your own self & making time for all the other parts of your life to grow outside of your own business. This carries over in how we show up for our clients & community - making sure we're on our best selves by making time for a holistic growth. We aim to lead by example to help encourage everyone to have a healthy approach towards their business and their own lives.

Systems help you be both productive and free

We know time is money and in actuality, it's even more valuable than money as it's something we can NEVER gain back. We believe in making time for the things that are most precious for us - whether that's your family, a dream, a hobby or even taking your business to the next level. This is why we aim to build & optimize systems to help you make the most of your time and gain the freedom to 1) rest 2) work on your own zone of genius.

Growth comes from working SMART not hard

We deeply care about our clients, team members, and community that we aim not to waste our efforts & resources by ensuring we are working on the best strategies at hand every step of the way. There are two main ways we do this: 1) We value having an open communication within teams to ensure that we are all on the same page working towards a unified vision. 2) We aim to make sure every one is respected & valued in the growth that they want to achieve. We all work best after all when we're working at our 100% on our zones of geniuses.

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