Since 2014, I have been creating content. At first, it has always been easy but as I had to create dozens of it, it was starting to get more and more daunting.

Finally, I had cracked the code on how to make it easy as a pie. But to be honest, it took me years to realize how easy it can be! Which is why, I am now sharing these tips with you so you can avoid years of not utilizing your social media for your personal brand. (Imagine all those lost years!)

In today’s Youtube video, you are going to learn about content creation hacks that can save you time and build your authority. If you want to learn more, click that play button now. Or continue reading.

Know where your Audience is

To know where your audience is, first and foremost, what you have to do is to know who are your ideal audience. With this, you have to create your customer avatar in which you should have the psychographics and your demographics. After that, you can start surveying your audience. If you already have an audience then perfect, you can simply use google forms or typeforms and so on, in surveying your audience. Meanwhile if you don’t have an audience yet, you can simply proceed to Facebook groups that cater to your niche. Then, simply ask them these questions:

1. What social media sites do they regularly use?

2. Do they listen to podcasts?

3. Do they read blogs?

4. Who do they follow online?

These will give you insights on where they are and who are the people that you can replicate

Create a List of Problems and Solutions

In creating a list of problems and solutions, you can simply use the Keywords Everywhere. Let me show you how to use it.

First, you simply write down the keyword or topic that you have in mind and you can see already on the side the related keywords that you can use. You can use these for your youtube channel, for your blogs, etc. And then, under that is what people also search for. These are topics that you can also tackle on because people are clearly searching about these things. And there you go, that’s keywords everywhere.

Other than that, what you can do is to simply research on Amazon, Reddit, and Facebook groups. You will find a lot of info from there. In Amazon specifically, you can go to the kindle store and then look for books that are about your topic. And then, what you can do is to filter through the reviews.

If you go to the five-star reviews, you will see all their desires and wants. And when you go to the one-star reviews, you can see all their pains, their struggles, their challenges, and their fears. It’s all right there. Then, there you go! Simply put it in a google forms so you can go back to it from time to time. And then with a list of problems, put on the other side of the table, all the solutions that you can give to them.

Create a Content Calendar

I would like to emphasize that creating content doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be easy as a pie. How? Well you can simply use content categories. In creating content categories, all you have to do is remember the 3 holy grail of content marketing. That’s to educate, to inspire, and to entertain.

Now, let me give you an example. Under educating, you can put tips and tricks and then, trends. Under inspiring, you can put inspirations, wins, stories. Stories like your why, your origin story, your advocacy. And then, under entertaining, you can simply put humor in the post that you publish about your topic. And then, that’s it! You just simply put these categories to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays, and so on and so forth. Then, voila! You have your content calendar.

Now one thing I want you to remember is to always add your story in every post. Why is that? Simply because remember, you want to shine and build your authority. The only way that you can shine is to show your uniqueness. And the thing that is unique about your brand is YOU and that will show in your stories. To do that, you can use the storybrand format. If you want to learn more about the storybrand format, then comment below and we’ll make a video of it.

Use your Content Creation Superpower

Your content creation superpower could be using your voice, shooting videos, or simply writing. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Which one is mine? I’m not sure which is my content creation superpower.” Well, all you have to do is to ask yourself this question,

What is something that i do that just makes me go into the flow?

Got it? The first answer that you have is definitely it. If it isn’t, you can just try the other ones and see which one best fits for you.

Now that you know what your content creation superpower is the next thing to do is to create a system or a process that works for you. Here’s an example, if your content creation superpower is writing what you can do as your process is to write content, edit it, create graphics, and then publish it.

And then, after you have that system you have to think about the time it takes to create a batch of content. Now, we want to create a batch of content so that you are already in that flow where everything goes out and it’s faster and more efficient for you to create content. With that, once you’ve estimated it, let’s say, it takes you one hour to create five contents, then put that, log it in, and then the same for all the other steps like editing, creating graphics, and then publishing. Once you have the overall time, then you can plot it to your schedule. What I recommend is to dedicate a day or a half to create your content.

Repurpose Content

Now this one is my favorite. Why? Because did you know that you can create 100 pieces of content from just one content? Yes, you can! Now, how do you do that? First what you need to do is to create a content repurposing map.

This can be a video snippet, an audio snippet, and even pictures from just one video. So after that, you have the long-form content from the start of the content map then you start to web it out to different platforms where you can put it and then all the little posts and snippets that you can do. So that can be either IG stories, IG posts, Facebook posts, Facebook stories, a tweet or a twitter post, and so on and so forth.

Now that you know what my favorite type of long-form content is, next week I am going to teach you how to edit your videos. This is perfect for you if you’re just starting out in editing videos for your youtube channel.

In the comments below, I’d love you to share with us what was your favorite content creation hack?

If you have other tips, you can share as many as you can so others in the community can learn from you too!

Thank you in advance for being passionate, and loving in the comments.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you share this week!

Again, this is Dyanne dedicated to helping you live a life and business that you love and is rooted to who you truly are.


Dyanne Pauline

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