Are you ready to finally hop into youtube and treat it as an important part of your business? If yes then this video is perfect for you.

Now I started my youtube channel way back in november 2020 and it actually stopped after a few weeks. Why? well that is what this video is all about.

In today’s Youtube video, you are going to learn whatare the things you need to avoid as a new youtuber. If you want to learn more, click that play button now. Or continue reading.

As much as I’m still relatively new on Youtube as you can probably see on my channel well I’m no stranger to this platform. In fact I have been a digital marketing strategist for years now and I’ve been doing Youtube for one of my clients.

Eventually I realized that this is the perfect platform for me to focus on because it’s the perfect intersection of what I love, what I’m good at, and what my clients need. Now let’s hop on to the five common mistakes that new youtubers make and what I learned when I started my own Youtube channel.

No Clear Direction

To be clear it’s totally different when you’re making your own channel from scratch versus making videos and optimizing the youtube channel of your own clients. that’s why one of the common mistakes that new youtubers make is having no clear direction.

There are two factors to this. the first one is overthinking. overthinking on the best equipment, overthinking on the best script, overthinking on the best background, overthinking on the best makeup. In reality, I discovered, and even for myself before that it’s an excuse. An excuse for us not to create videos because we feel that everything has to be perfect so that no trolls will be sending us hate messages and all that. But as you grow as you build your personal brand, this is something that we should start to welcome instead of trying to avoid. In the end, you are going to attract them even more as you grow your personal brand and grow your community.

The second factor in having no clear direction is that you’re not aligned with who you truly are. Here’s the truth: If you’re not aligned with creating videos, creating your channel, based on who you truly are then there are chances that along the way you are going to fall off in creating videos.

This happened to me also when I started. I was starting with social media marketing in general and I just wanted to focus on that micro-niche. In reality, I couldn’t see myself doing that in the long run for like two years three years, and so on. Even if I had just like two videos at the start, I started falling off and that’s it. You can’t see any more videos ever well until today when I started to relaunch my Youtube channel and go macro-niche versus micro-niche because there isn’t just one part into me. So I do youtube marketing but I also want to help people grow their personal development, their business, and yeah.

Now if you want to grow your channel then you definitely have to be consistent and to be consistent you have to have a clear direction.

Starting a Personal Account

When you start your Youtube channel, the end goal is to generate more leads and sales for your business, right? In doing this, you won’t be alone in handling your Youtube channel and this is one of the mistakes that I made as a new youtuber.

So what happened was that I started first and foremost with a personal account when I started my youtube channel. When it was time to grow my team, I realized that – oh my gosh it’s so hassle to transfer all of my videos and it was making me feel agitated that they might not get transferred properly into a brand account and all that.

Seriously to save you all the hassle, just start with a brand account. After all, we’re all entrepreneurs here and the main goal is to not only create content but it’s to generate sales. And as we expand our business, grow our business, scale our businesswell we need to start delegating because to be frank, we don’t have all the time in the world to do everything on our own and really I’m really grateful for my team that I’m able to do more right now thanks to them.

So as a new youtuber and entrepreneur, don’t make the same mistake as I did and simply create a brand account from the start. Trust me, it will save you a lot of worry and hassle later on.

Launching Your Channel Unprepared

Have you ever felt burnt out in your 9 to 5? Well, that can also happen as a Youtuber and as an entrepreneur. To avoid this, one of the common mistakes that you must avoid as a new Youtuber is launching your channel unprepared. First of all, right after you launch your channel your audience expects you to be consistent whether that’s new videos every week, twice a month, or even once a month, you have to have clear expectations on how often are you uploading your channel.

Not only that, the algorithm also expects you to be consistent. The way it works is that when you launch your channel you are how should I say this? Fresh meat.

So you’re fresh meat and so you’re very attractive to the algorithm at the audience and this is actually the best place for you to let yourself shine and of course, not to lose the chance of capturing your audience’s interest and the algorithm’s interest.

To do this well all you have to do is to prepare the topics that you want to tackle beforehand. So at least eight videos and then after that, if you can shoot it ahead then that will be great. Another thing that will help you is to create your own SOPs. Basically create your own framework what will be your first step, second, third, to fourth. For me what I do is the research comes first and foremost after that what happens is I do the scripting, and then the shoot and then the edit, and then we upload and distribute the content.

Now if you want to be consistent in growing your channel then don’t make the mistake of producing one video as you go. This is whathappened to me way back in November 2020 and you know pretty much i burned out.

Hoarding all the work

Now as business owners we have to be mindful of the expenses and where it goes right? Speaking of which, well one mistake that we, as an entrepreneur, as a youtuber make is not taking into account the time expense that we’re putting on especially in hoarding aaaaall the work that we can.

For example, if our time as a business owner is worth $100, well then if we spend 2 hours on keyword research, 2 hours on script writing, 4 hours on editing our videos, 2 hours promoting our videos, and 1 hour analyzing our whole youtube channel, well then, all in all, that’s $1100 already right? Just for one video.

Now compare that to if we delegate the work that we have to an expert, a person who’s already good at what they’re doing, that could be $1000, $2000 or so. The only difference is that they’re already an expert on their work and so they can 2x, 3x, or even 10x your Return-On-Investment (ROI) with just this (marketing) part. Specifically in what we’re talking about right now is that they can give a better ROI with all our efforts that we’re doing in youtube alone.

The most important part is that you’re able to focus on the things that you really love to do and you’re good at. So in this case, it could be shooting the videos alone, just doing that part on youtube and actually helping your clients through coaching or teaching them through your course.

So as a new Youtuber, avoid the mistake of hoarding all of the work. We are, after all, entrepreneurs and we need to delegate in order to scale.

Not showing them where the next step is

Have you ever watched a video where you got so much value from that you just reaaaaaaaaally want to know what the next step is? The next step to improve your business, the next step to improve your health, the next step to improve your relationships. Well, your audience feels the same way. Of course, provided that you are actually giving a lot of value okay?

When I created my Youtube channel in November 2020, I considered this as the greatest mistake that I made of all. Why? Because it’s actually a wasted opportunity for me not to be able to capture those leads. THAT is just in the business side.

It’s our obligation to be able to show our audience where their next step is. To give them clarity in a sea of confusion and chaos.

On the other hand, it’s our obligation to be able to show them where their next step is. We, after all, are their guide. We are the guide to our audience and the thing that we need to do is to give them clarity. If we’re not giving them the next step after watching the videos, well we’re just giving them more confusion to take in.

There are already a lot of things and knowledge that are being given away in the internet and how do we actually give them more value through our content? That’s something to think about.

One good way to be able to give them clarity instead of confusion is to have a good funnel. In a good funnel, supposedly after watching a video you’re going to give them something else that would give them a quick win for them to realize that “hey, I can trust myself,” “I can do this,” and in return, trust you as their guide in their journey to whatever it is that you’re helping them to win at. Whether it’s in fitness, in life, in their career, and so on.

Now, something that I also want you to remember is that you may be a new youtube but at the same time, you are NOT new in your line of expertise. This is something that the Youtube audience needs. They have had enough of fake gurus, fake people, who do not know what they’re saying and that’s why YOU need to show up even more right now. So remember, don’t leave them hanging. You are not just another new Youtuber.

Now those are the five common mistakes that new Youtubers make and also what I did wrong. Everything that I shared will help you have a great kickstart as a new Youtuber but as entrepreneurs, we are serious and using youtube as an avenue to generate more business right?

And so if you want to generate more views for your channel then you can download my free guide the how to rank number one on youtube in less than 24 hours. Download it here.

Now in the next video, we are going to talk about how to increase your views on youtube in 2021. This will be updated strategies and a peek of what we have in our free guide.

Now if you’re a Youtuber who has been in this space for a while what is one mistake that you wish you would have known as a new youtube?

If you’re a new Youtuber what’s one question that you want to ask so that we can answer them in the next videos.

Thank you in advance for being passionate, and loving in the comments.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you share this week!

Again, this is Dyanne dedicated to helping you live a life and business that you love and is rooted to who you truly are.


Dyanne Pauline

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